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About Lord Of Code

A global level “open to all” coding competition, organized by CodeBeat in hunt of best programmer irrespective of any programming language they are best in.

7000+ Participants

500+ Universities World Wide

100+ On-site Competetions

40+ Countries

How it works?

Code Initium

1st round of this competition, open to all, held online throughout India, with more than 10,000 programmers, competing to climb the leaderboard for leveling up to the second round.

Battle of the code

Selecting best 1000s from the 1st round of the competition, these programmers will Battle online with their programming skills to prove themselves as best on the leaderboard and to level up for the final round ‘Lord of Code’.

Lord of the code

The final round of this competition to get the best of the best programmer from the country will be held in IIT Hyderabad. Prove yourself as the Lord of Code by leading the final leaderboard of the competition.

Community, Binding the strength of advocates worldwide

The Codebeat is filled with many people who dedicate their lives to improving the future of computing by enabling opportunities for students. Universities, coaches and volunteers work together to enable opportunities for our competitors to shine.

Regionals, Developing global opportunity starts locally

Each year, the Codebeat regionals begin at local competitions among classmates to determine who may represent their university. Success at one level leads to an invitation to the next. Each region progresses differently, but the end result is the same, the best teams advance. The final regional contest determines the teams advancing to the national Finals.